Sabtu, 09 Februari 2013

Dusk Flight

Up in the air when dusk
I’m sitting by the window
I know I’m going home
Just after these hours

Oh, out there! Look..look!
I exclaim to myself
Oh those skies
So colorful so sight-thiefing

After some freezing seconds
my head whispers the rainbow
On that horizon
Red, yellow, a tiny green, and a gentle purple
With a huge blue covering around
And those huddling clouds beneath

My left index finger picturing a fancy angel,
against the dewy window
Vague and no colors
Just come to imagine tho
Her little star stick could juggle anything
Hut to castle
Ship to boat
Cruel pirate to banana even
Oh, what kind of world I’m figuring out
I know I’m reaching homeland
I just couldn’t look away
From this momentary dusk event
Happening in and out there

Little by little
As the plan keeps moving
The skies turn darker each of the colors
Seems to happen be blended
To only one later, evening black
With dots of spreading young stars
Just like the other night in summer
But this excitement inside remains bright
I know be home almost
I just can’t look aside

This stewardness offers me for drink
I say a cup of tea would be lovely
So she pours out 
While i see this neat man
Sitting next to me
So busy with all his electronic stuff on
As if he’s not on a plane but his office room
Oh, what kind of world he’s living in

The smiling stewardness hands me my tea
A chance to forget the working man
I don’t wanna miss again
that magical event out there
One and half minute is enough

Turning my sight back to the right
Now the change occurs
The more the sun disappears,
the more those colors join together into one
As if the king of universe swallows them all gently
Oh, what kind of perennial world I’m witnessing

All of a sudden my heart deep inside tenderly hums
A prayer and also a greeting

But, now we’re about to land....
Says the announcing woman
I feel I want to stay for more
Living on this plane like forever
But  I know I’m coming home
To somewhere I belong
So i make my promise
To myself and to those skies
Since this revelation comes
That flight at this time
Is apparently the best

Home, I’m so ready.
Here I come!

*ilustrasinya menyusul :p

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